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DIFARCO was founded in 1979 with one sole objective: to establish the most functional, flexible and advantageous product storage, repository and distribution service for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector. The 30 years that followed were studded with successes, the company's activities multiplied, along with its fields of action. The brand now also includes sections dedicated to clothing and sports footwear, stationery, veterinary and diagnostics products. The future will bring further investments in assets and personnel, to feed the virtuous circle between business expansion and quality of service.

DIFARCO is the ideal solution to problems related to inventory management and distribution to points of sale, with a chain of operations carried out in a rapid and rigorous manner. The obsession with detail and perfection of execution makes logistics a work of art.


Packaging, packing, order management: team work

Sales & Marketing Management Guia D’Acquisto commerciale@cdgroup.it

Control and organisation of sales and marketing activities are key factors for the growth of a company. These activities are performed by the Difarco sales & marketing management with utmost care and precision, setting strategic targets that aim to achieve the overall development of one of the most important Italian businesses in the logistics and

Purchases and services Luca Oddera acquisti.servizigenerali@cdgroup.it

Experience and efficiency are key targets in Difarco organization. This division takes care of goods and services supplying useful to the business Core development. Also take care of purchasing and maintainance for every logistic centre, of energy consumption, security systems and machinery inventory.

IT Services Ivano Cortinovis it@cdgroup.it

The Difarco technology is managed in house. The company can count on the services and the technical expertise of an in-house IT department, with dedicated staff in each of the five facilities. This allows maximum speed in system maintenance and repairs, and the possibility to calibrate the same flexibly depending on the needs of both the company and our customers.

Human Resources Carmine Di Battista info@cdgroup.it

Our employees are our primary resource and the driving force behind Difarco. Training and refresher courses help to ensure consistent professional growth and the acquisition of specific skills and abilities, while the management policy aimed at involving and achieving complete satisfaction of the workforce has created a consolidated relationship of trust and synergy.

Transport Management Riccardo Borghi trasporti@cdgroup.it

Difarco's peculiar transportation management allows the customers of our logistics hubs to take advantage of affordable rates and an organisation that has decades of experience operating on the market. The carriers appointed to the handling of goods are selected carefully and reflect the demands of our customers, whilst the enormous quantity of handled products allows us to combine the quality of services and competitiveness.

Packaging Division Mirko Battaglia lavorazioni@cdgroup.it

The in-house packaging division allows Difarco to operate a zero kilometre storage and packaging system: the goods are organised at the logistics hub and the subsequent packaging phase takes place just a few yards away, without having to transport the products. The professional skills of employees with many years of specific experience in this sector complete the work by guaranteeing attention to detail.

5 operating facilities
16 Orders per day
190 brands distributed
840 people

Industrial packaging, with skilled craftmanship

Via G. Rossa 21, Liscate (Milan) | Tel. +39 02 950081 | info@difarco.com

Each DIFARCO processing and packaging operation is regulated by an internal quality management system. The service is based on the design and strict control of production activities. DIFARCO can count on its own customised box, with unique structural features that optimise the manufacturing process: it is accurate in content, secure during transportation, features shoplifting protection, attractive to look at, easy to handle and user friendly. Difarco also offers the possibility of packaging at the Officina Farmaceutica.


High KPI on the supply chain, cold chain and order tracking

Via G. Rossa 21, Liscate (Milan) | Tel. +39 02 950081 | info@difarco.com

The absolute value of DIFARCO is the customer. Thanks to the use of internal audits, reporting, certified procedures and periodic review meetings, our systems ensure maximum quality and final satisfaction. Expectations need to be exceeded so as to prevent any possible customer problems, whilst helping to develop their business.

The quality system is supported by an operational and technological security system, which monitors internal handling, from entrance to despatch of materials. The DIFARCO computer network uses a bar code system to provide product information and accompanies it throughout every phase, developing an instantaneous and fail-proof inventory. The warehouses are equipped with 24/7 surveillance and sophisticated security and fire protection systems and all products entrusted to the company are covered by insurance policies.

Logistic Departments

Via G. Rossa 21, Liscate (Milan) | Tel. +39 02 950081 | info@difarco.com